Knitted for You

Knitted for You provides custommade knitwear for you with unique taste and a desire for environmentally friendly and empowering shopping. Purcasing our products marks distinguished paths towards equality, sustainability and positive change.


We believe in the capabilities of people

Be the designer and create a piece made just for you. One of the artisans connected to Knitted for You will knit your knitted item according to your wishes, stitch by stitch.

Environmentally friendly

We only use environmentally friendly fabrics.

We knit as many items as you order.

We will be sustainable from the moment we get your order to the moment we deliver your cloths.

Empowering the ARTISAN

Our artisans are women mainly in Hungary and Sweden. Earning a fair wage helps them support their families as well as gain respect and confidence.

All artisans working with Knitted for You are treated with dignity and respect. With any garment you purchase, try to think about the hands that held it, about the person who worked to create it. Each piece we make is hand-signed by the woman who made it.

Your purchase enables this positive cycle to continue.


We knit beautifull items for your wedding or Nobel party.

We knit comfortable cozy items for everyday wear.

Please feel free to get in touch with us and we help you towards your dream knitted item. Email us on